Automatic openers

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C & M Garage Doors stock top quality automatic openers for domestic, commercial and industrial purposes.


C & M Garage Doors stock a wide range of remotes for various brands of automatic openers for doors and gates.

Remotes are perfect for those wet and rainy days when you just don’t want to leave the car, and at minimal cost with zero hassle, are great value for money!

C & M can help you choose the right remote for your specific opener or supply you with a new one if yours is either lost or damaged. 
remote control device
All openers are economically designed to be easily fitted and are manufactured to the highest standard to ensure a long life span with minimal
maintenance requirements. The current range of C & M automatic openers are highly sophisticated, and have cutting edge features such as noise reduction capabilities, safety systems, powerful internal motors and even battery back up packs. 

All openers can be used in new homes or be
 retrofitted if need be.


Along with quality remotes and reliable automatic openers, C & M Garage Doors also stock a fantastic range of accessories designed to help your roller door function if any problems do arise. Currently in stock is a great range of transmitters for your remote, keypads for convenience and security and battery back-ups just so your door doesn’t get stuck halfway!

C & M can also install an external key release system so you can still use your door even if the battery fails, as well as wired or wireless safety beam systems that stop the door from closing if any person or object is detected. This ensures no serious damage can be done to the family or your car.

Visit the showroom at C & M Garage Doors for all the latest automatic openers, remotes and garage door accessories. Located at 7 Stinson St, Ballina

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