What do timber garage doors look like? Biowood has the answer.

If you like wooden furnishings, then you’ll love Biowood. It’s new to the Garage Door field but gaining popularity very quickly. Durable and strong, Biowood is a wood-plastic composite architectural product which is low maintenance and environmentally friendly and we offer this material for garage doors at C&M Garage Doors. So now, you can now enjoy a garage door with the beautiful look of natural timber while knowing you’re doing something better for the environment, and it comes with plenty of additional benefits. What’s not to love!

What exactly is Biowood and why are so many people getting excited about? Created from a combination of natural cellulose fibre from plantation-harvested timber and recycled resin and plastics, Biowood is lightweight and low-maintenance. The wood-plastic composite is strong and durable and has been proven to withstand the harsh and varied climate in Australia. It’s especially excellent for exterior applications, such as garage doors due to its numerous structural benefits and longevity.

Let’s take a look at those benefits…it’s a lengthy list!

Maintain the Natural Timber look

If you want something different from a traditional metal garage door, Biowood, being a wood-plastic composite, is a great choice! Biowood is largely made from natural wood, leaving you with a product that looks exactly like solid timber but requires far less maintenance.

Mould and Mildew Resistant

Biowood is mould and mildew resistant which means it can be used for a wide range of application in buildings – perfect for exteriors like your garage door.

Suitable for Salt Spray Environments

Biowood is suitable salt spray environments, which is especially attractive in the Northern Rivers as we all live so close to the coast. Salt can be extremely corrosive and rusts materials quickly, especially if they are constantly exposed to it. Materials won’t last long if they haven’t been made for the harsh conditions of coastal living.

Bushfire Resistant

What’s amazing, is the bushfire resistant quality of Biowood, which is also very attractive to home owners in the Northern Rivers region, particularly after last year’s devastating bushfire season.

Termite Resistant

Termites don’t usually attack garage doors as normally, but don’t worry about this timber composite. Biowood, provides great peace of mind as the material is termite resistant. Again, this makes Biowood an excellent choice in exterior applications.

Water Resistant and Protected sun exposure

This product is also water resistant (less than 0.05% water absorption) and does not bleach – it’s UV stable under normal environmental conditions, even in full sun.

All in all, Biowood is a highly versatile material that has proven to stand the test of time against Australia’s harsh weather conditions in both residential and commercial applications, making it a perfect choice for your home and for businesses too.

Biowood is GreenTag Certified

In today’s world, it is important we make decisions that are sustainable for the environment and choose quality and longevity in products to help reduce waste. Biowood has been recognised for its eco-friendly characteristics, awarded with GreenTag Level B certification. GreenTag is a third party, green building product rating and certification system recognised globally. It is the world’s most robust and widely recognised ecolabel, aiming to help consumers find quality, eco-friendly products. The GreenTag was specifically introduced to cut through the greenwash, an empower professionals and consumers to confidently choose products that have been made in the most planet-friendly way possible. GreenTag certification of Biowood means you can be assured of the eco-benefits of a trusted and proven brand.

Colour Options for Biowood Doors

And we can’t forget to talk colour. The B&D Biowood range, available at C&M Garage Doors, comes in a variety of colours, including Black Japan, Spotted Gum and Weatherwood. These are all sleek, modern colours for a garage door, suited to any home going for this look and feel (you can see the colours in the image below). The natural timber look of Spotted Gum pairs very well with dark tones and contrasts beautifully against greenery. The Black Japan colour is, as the name suggests, quite dark and looks very smart complimenting natural timber finishings. Weatherwood is more of a dark grey, working perfectly with blues, whites and lighter greys – a common colour palette for many coastal homes.

Image: B&D Biowood colour and design options for garage doors.

If you’re ready to start discussing what a garage door made from Biowood might do for your home, C&M Garage Doors are your local experts. Drop us a line and we’d be very happy to chat more about this material and its suitability your new garage door.

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