Enhancing home security with Roller Garage Doors

C&M Northern Rivers Garage Specialists offer a wide variety of garage doors, we’re going to take a look at our range of commercial and residential roller doors, particularly their cost-effective and durable properties. 

Did you know that our supplier, B&D invented the first-ever roller garage door in 1956, and has spent the last 65 years perfecting the design and functionality of the entire Roll-A-Door range? With this in mind, you know that when choosing the roller door to suit your home or business, C&M Northern Rivers garage specialists are who you need. 

Why choose a roller door?

Roller doors are the ideal choice for factories, warehouses and sheds that require optimal security, strength and durability. Not only does a roller door installation provide the utmost security, but they also make good use of space, which is important for commercial and industrial premises.

The installation of roller doors is also an ideal option if you’re on a budget, and C&M Garage Doors have a range of cost-effective options to choose from. In fact, our space-saving and sleek design options of the B&D roller door range make them a popular choice for either modern or traditional homes, as well as industrial buildings and warehouses.

Secure your business with us

B&D Roller Garage Doors offer you and your business absolute security and are the only locked garage door available. Whether you own a large warehouse, small storage space or shopfront, B&D’s commercial roller doors are designed to protect your premises.


Constructed from sturdy materials and featuring a range of key security features, each B&D Commercial Roller Door is custom-made to your exact requirements, ensuring safety, security and of course, easy operation. Some of the security features available on B&D commercial roller doors include waist-high slide locking bolt, sturdy, industrial-strength anodised aluminium or strong T-Rail bottom rails. 

Importance of serving your roller door

Save money

The longer you ignore a garage door problem, the worse it will get over time. A small defect now can possibly turn into a major malfunction later. When our professional team perform routine garage door preventive maintenance, we identify and fix existing flaws before they require expensive repairs, saving you hundreds of dollars in the long run.

Improve safety and security

Neglecting regular upkeep of you garage door may cause your safety systems, such as photo eye sensors, to fail, leading to malfunctions that can put friends and family at risk. A dysfunctional roller door can also leave your home more vulnerable to break-ins, as the security features may also need maintenance. 

Sensor Technology


Controll-A-Door Smart is B&D’s new top-of-the-range opener, designed to fit seamlessly into your life. This smart roller door technology and premium features deliver an enhanced experience that includes a phone control and Safe Lock anti-tamper system that provides an exceptional level of security and safety for your garage. 

For complete peace of mind, Controll-A-Door® Smart can even be fitted with an optional battery backup, so you can even operate the door during a power outage. Controll-A-Door® Smart also combines heavy lifting capacity, with quiet and reliable operation and is backed by B&D Controll-A-Door Secure. Not only does this commercial and residential roller garage door technology offer exceptional value, it also enhances your home security with the new Safe Lock anti-tamper system, which makes it virtually impossible for intruders to lift. 

Want to know more?

Call your garage door specialists today if you’d like to organise a roller door installation and chat about our range, on (02) 6686 4238 or fill out your details with this form.

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