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Roller doors are a cost-effective favourite for both family homes and businesses. They have come a long way since their invention in 1956, so when you buy a roller door, you’re purchasing decades of innovation, quality and genuine care.

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At C&M, we love roller doors because they make a great, cost-effective and sleek choice for any garage door. Roller doors can be installed at almost any home or business, are easy to use and long lasting. Choose to have an automatic garage roller door or keep it simple with a manual door. At C&M, there are three different services roller door options to select from: Neo Roll-A-Door, Squareline and Traditional profile.

NEO Roll-A-Door


The revolutionary B&D Neo Roller Door provides the convenience of a roller door with the look of their most popular sectional door. This is a brand-new look and feel for the classic roller door and combines years of research and testing to achieve a unique product. The Neo Roll-A-Door includes Weatherseal with deep cushioning helping to prevent leaves and water entering your garage. This model of garage door comes with a B&D Controll-A-Door Power device automatic opener.
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Single & Double

Squareline roller doors feature B&D’s best-selling squareline profile to suit a range of home styles. A special ‘mini-groove’ design ensures smooth operation and protection for the doors paint finish. Squareline Roll-A-Door garage doors are smooth and quiet in operation day after day, year after year. Trust in enhanced security for your home or business with this roller. Every Roll-A-Door features a sturdy locking mechanism to help prevent unwanted intrusion.
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Traditional profile


The traditional profile features a deeper, more rounded shape groove. This Roll-A-Door is particularly suited for high usage applications when an extra strong door is required. It also has Weatherseal with deep cushioning helping to prevent leaves and water entering your garage. With a range of colours to select from, the Traditional roller door is best for double garage application.
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Product features

C&M Roller Doors, automatic or manual, are a popular choice. Known for their smooth and quiet operation, lasting style and effortless opening functionality, you can’t go wrong with a roller door.

Smooth, quiet operation

Lasting style

Effortless opening

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