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After garage door installation, it’s important to maintain regular servicing in order to preserve its longevity. For friendly and reliable servicing of your garage door.


C&M Garage Doors are also one of Ballina and the North Coasts largest providers of quality parts, and offer round the clock repairs for all garage doors, remotes and accessories.


The team of highly qualified technicians have years of experience with the repair of doors, and because of the size of their team and fleet of vehicles, they can respond to clients request and/or emergencies in a prompt manner.


C&M’s technicians are not only trained to service and repair B&D products, but most other makes and models of garage doors and automatic openers as well for all garage doors, remotes and accessories.

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Servicing your garage door ensures that everything is operating as should be and will extend the life of all the parts involved

Prompt and reliable routine maintenance

It’s important to care for your garage door after installation to maintain its efficiency and safety. Did you know it’s recommended that you have a technician to service your door every 12 months? C&M stand by this claim, as leaving your routine maintenance for too long can lead to greater problems further down the track, which invariably costs you more money in the long run.

Servicing your garage door ensures that everything is operating as should be and will extend the life of all the parts involved..

Much like your car’s engine, there are many moving parts in your garage door designed to lift and lower the door safely and efficiently. Servicing will ensure all parts are operating correctly to keep your family, home and belongings safe.

Quite often, garage doors are attached directly to a house and provide security for a home. When properly maintained with regular servicing, you can be assured your home, loved ones and personal belongings are safe.

Servicing is a preventative approach to preserving the longevity of a garage door. During a service, C&M team will be able to identify and fix any issues before they become a bigger (and more costly) problem.

All garage doors installed by C&M have warranty for up to 10 years, depending on which product is purchased. Annual servicing is required to maintain this warranty.


If your garage door is having any of the below problems, it requires immediate attention. Get in touch to book a service so the C&M service team can diagnose the problem, fix or replace affected components and parts.

  • The door is stuck (or gets stuck momentarily) in an opening or closing position
  • The door is not responding to the remote control
  • The motor is making a strange noise
  • The door is not moving
  • The door is squeaking

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