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We always recommend that you have your garage door serviced at least once a year.

If you have an automatic garage door, it’s a good idea to have a B&D rechargeable battery back-up. Having one installed means that you can trust that your door will be functioning safely and securely in the event of a power failure. 

Yes. You can call the emergency number and we will be able to assist. Please be aware there is an after-hours service charge.

C&M uses b&d products which have a range of warranties available, including a “10 year guarantee” warranty on selected models.

Yes, there is. You can download various product brochures on our website or, depending on the type of garage door you would like to see, we can arrange for our B&D To You representative to visit you at your home in our mobile showroom.

A roller door and a sectional door are the two most common types of garage doors. A sectional door is made with panels. When you open the door, the panels of the garage door lift and are stored along the top of the ceiling of the garage.

Roller doors are different, because they give you more storage space. Instead of taking up a real-estate along the ceiling of your garage, roller doors roll up (as the name suggests) onto themselves.

The most popular sectional garage we install in the B&D Panelift, and the most popular roller door we install in the B&D Roll-A-Door.

Yes. No matter what garage door you have or who installed it, we can repair and/or service it.

Yes. We can replace your lost garage door opener. Whether you have a garage door we have installed or not, replacing an opener is something we can help you with.

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