What to do for your garage door in a power outage

When there is a power failure, you will be unable to automatically open or close your garage door (unless you have Battery Backup fitted to the opener). To use your door during a power outage, you will need to disengage the opener and operate the door manually. Follow these four simple steps to safely open and close your garage door during an outage.

Disengage your Auto-Lock (if applicable)
The Auto-Lock device automatically locks your door when it closes. The small square lock is located either on the left- or right-hand side of the inside edge of the door, approximately 10 – 30cm from the floor. Once you have located it, press the emergency lock/unlock button on the front of the device. This will unlock the door. Note: not all garage doors have Auto-Lock installed.

Manually release the opener
There will be a red cord hanging from your garage door opener (regardless of whether you have a sectional or rolling garage door).

– For Sectional Doors, either pull the cord towards or away from the door (this will depend on the specific opener you have installed – there is no harm in trying both ways until the door disengages).
– You will hear a click to signify the change to disengaged. Try to open it – it should come up fairly easily however if it doesn’t, then it hasn’t been disengaged properly so please try again.
– For Rolling Doors, pull the cord directly down.

Open and close the door by hand
You may now manually open and close the door as required. Take care and beware of items or people surrounding the door or gate so as not to close the door or gate onto them.
Note that your door will not be locked when the power is out therefore to lock the door you must re-engage the opener.

Reengage the opener
To re-engage the opener so your garage door operates as normal, follow the directions below according to your type of garage door.

– For Roller Doors, simply pull the red cord again in the same direction. You will hear a click to signify the change to engaged. Use your remote to operate the door.
– For Sectional Doors, you will need to pull the cord away from the door (towards the back of your garage). Use your remote to operate the door. If the chain is moving but the door is not, you need to wait until the chain index moves into the shuttle to engage the opener. It can help to lift the door a few feet off the ground and try again.

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