How Can I Have a Wooden Garage Door?

Nothing beats the beauty of natural wood. However, Australia’s harsh climate is more of an enemy to timber than it is a friend. Natural wood requires a lot of maintenance, it’s heavy, and it’s subject to damage from mould, termites and another external forces. As such, it’s not the best option for garage doors. However, there are plenty of timber alternatives on the market that look just like the real deal, plus they are low maintenance, more durable and better suited to a garage door application.

Prodema Prodex

Prodema Prodex is a wood-alternative created by a company in Spain. It a unique product for façade cladding and has all the elegance of natural timber. However, unlike the real deal, it’s highly resistant to nature’s elements, making it an ideal option for your garage door.

Prodema Prodex comes in panels which have a bakelite (a lightweight, durable plastic biproduct) core. The panels are cladded in a veneer of natural wood, so that surface looks like timber. This is then treated with resin and exterior PVDF film to ensure its durability and weather-resistant qualities. A very attractive feature of this material is that it’s non-stick, preventing the build-up of dust, dirt and mould on its surface.

Prodema Prodex is a material offered in the B&D Designer Door series. It is also environmentally certified, guaranteeing it is manufactured with raw forest materials and managed in a socially and environmentally responsible way.


This epic material is actually aluminium! Knotwood has the timeless appeal of natural wood with the capabilities and durability of aluminium. It’s a greener, safer and stronger material than real timber and is an excellent material for garage doors. We love Knotwood for its state-of-the-art modular system that conceals joins, screws, rivets and fixings. As such, the finish achievable when using Knotwood is unlike any other.

This wood-alternative has the most extensive colour range, thanks to Knotwood’s specialised powder coating system. Not only does powder coating allow for many woody colour choices, but this process also produces life-like wood grain and texture. 

Image credit: Knotwood Australia  

B&D Timber Coat Range

If you’re thinking of investing in a B&D Roll-A-Door, the B&D Timber Coat collection is available to you. The Timber Coat range is ideal for those who cannot go past the appeal of natural timber. Each colour in the collection has been made to complement both classic and modern homes. The Timber Coat range, exclusive to purchasers of Roll-A-Doors, is stylish, budget-friendly vinyl coating options for garage doors, designed to replicate the look and texture of real timber.

Image credit: B&D Garage Doors

The natural-timber-look has long been a trend for garage doors. It’s timeless, elegant and boosts curbside appeal. If you’re after the look of real timber for your garage door, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss your options.

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