Prodema Prodex - Cream

What is Prodema Prodex?

Thinking about the gorgeous finish of natural timber for your garage door? Regular timber usually isn’t recommended when it comes to your garage door because it’s a high maintenance and heavy material. Prodema Prodex is one of the newest wood-alternatives available on the market, and it comes with all the elegance of natural wood. It’s a unique natural timber product for façade cladding that’s highly resistant to nature’s elements, making it an ideal option for your garage door.

So, what is this “wood alternative”?

This material was created by Prodema Natural Wood, a manufacturer of wood and wood-alternatives based in Spain. Prodex is created into panels that have a bakelite (a lightweight, durable plastic biproduct) core. These panels are cladded in a veneer of natural wood and the surface is treated with a resin and exterior PVDF film. It’s this surface treatment which gives Prodema Prodex its durability and weather-resistant qualities. It’s also what makes this wood-product totally maintenance-free, unlike regular timber. Prodema Prodex panels are non-stick, preventing the build-up of dust, dirt and mould on its surface. The hard-wearing quality of this product is a great choice for exterior applications such as a garage door.

First impressions count; it’s really all about the look and Prodema Prodex does not disappoint. Made from raw forest materials, each panel is unique. The grain in each panel is different, which gives the wood-product its authentic appearance.

Like many new options on the market, Prodema Prodex is eco-friendly. In fact, it has been certified and recognised by several Environmental Protection bodies for its sustainable attributes; the product is made from raw forest material managed in a socially and environmentally responsible way. Using Prodema Prodex provides points in green building certification schemes such as LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology). In fact, Prodema has been awarded ISO 14006 certification in ECOdesign. This recognises the company as a world leader in eco-friendly product design and manufacturing. You can trust that Prodema Prodex is a sustainable and eco-friendly wood-product, sourced responsibly.

What colours are available?

Prodema Prodex comes in ten different colours to reflect the look and feel of most wood-types. This includes:

  • Pale
  • Rustik
  • Deep Brown
  • Mocca
  • Dark Brown
  • Light Brown
  • Nux
  • Mint
  • Cream
  • Ice Grey

Prodema Prodex options at C&M Garage Doors

At C&M, we have Prodema Prodex available in several colours and styles as part of the B&D Designer Door series. With the appearance of natural wood to complement your home, a door made with Prodema Prodex is built to last and backed with a 10-year warranty. We have three of the ten colours available to choose from for your garage door: Nux, Rustik and Pale. You are also able to customise the look of your garage door with three styles of panels: Long Board, Half Board and Floor Board.

More about Prodema Natural Wood

Prodema Natural Wood, is a manufacturer of wood and wood products, dedicated to helping architects around the world to realise their most innovative ideas. With offices in more than 40 countries, these guys have been working their magic for over ten decades. It’s only recently with the development of Prodex, that the business has gained much-deserved attention on a global stage. Prodema Natural Wood have other wood-alternative innovations for both interior and exterior applications. Prodema WoodTex Floor and Supra are popular alternative to floorboards, Proligna and WoodTex have been specially designed for applications in dry environments (homes, universities, commercial buildings etc) and there is even a product that has been innovated to enhance acoustic absorption.

When it comes to maintenance-free wood alternatives, Prodema Prodex is one that really stands out in a saturated market. It’s an excellent, sustainable choice for home & Industrial garage doors and other exterior applications.

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