The Flush Mount System

Over the last 12 months, B&D’s Flush Mount system has become increasingly popular with our clients throughout the Northern Rivers. As a feature of the Designer Door series, the Flush Mount system is unique, innovative and architecturally significant.

What is a Flush Mount system?

The Flush Mount system mounts a garage door to the outside of a building’s exterior in a way so that the door sits flush with the exterior wall. Your regular garage door is set back into the garage space a little, however a Flush Mount garage door uses special hinges and fittings, so that it becomes part of the exterior wall it is fixed to. These doors can be clad with the building’s exterior material so that they appear to be part of the wall, or not even there at all. Often, our clients choose the Flush Mount system to achieve this on-trend ‘hidden-garage-door’ look. 

The Flush Mount system can only be applied to sectional garage doors. Sectional doors are broken into 4-5 panels that allow the door to bend and follow the curved path when opening and closing. The panels are stored along the ceiling on the garage, and can compromise the height and space of the room. It’s only minor, but it’s something to keep in mind, especially if you have a big car. Unfortunately, the Flush Mount System cannot be applied to a roller door (at this point in time).

Why we love the Flush Mount system

The Flush Mount system is part of B&D’s Designer Door range for a reason. It exudes architectural design, modernism and individuality. Homeowners choose this garage door system for its visual impact and because it seamlessly integrates to the front of a building (commercial or residential), it’s only noticeable when the door actually starts to open.

One of our favourite applications is when the garage door is clad in the same material as the building’s exterior wall. As the door starts to close, it disappears before your eyes. It’s unique design and flush façade is hard to beat when it comes to curb-side appeal. If you’re going to make a statement, the Flush Mount system is the way to go.

The aesthetic of the Flush Mount system has wow-factor, however there are functional benefits that worth mentioning. Being a B&D garage door, Flush Mount doors come with all the promises of the brand; quality, reliability, longevity, safety and security. On top of that, the Flush Mount system is effortless and quiet in operation.

Design options

The Flush Mount system is available in many different design and material options. In fact, because it’s a system, there are a very wide range of material, colour and profile designs to choose from.  All garage doors in the B&D Designer Door range can be fitted with the Flush Mount system, including Prodema Prodex, the slatted collection and the sheer panel collection.

Have a look at some of the Flush Mount garage doors we’ve installed in the Northern Rivers. If you think a Flush Mount system is right for your home, get in touch to talk with our friendly staff and expert design consultants.

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